One of the legal grounds for acquisition of Hungarian citizenship is a written declaration addressed to the president of the republic, submitted on a designated application form. The scope of eligible persons is determined by points a)-c) of subsection (1), Section 5/A of Act LV of 1993 on Hungarian citizenship.

The cases in which the Hungarian citizenship may be acquired or reacquired by declaration:

• Any person who lost his citizenship by any of the below circumstances may reacquire his/her Hungarian citizenship regardless of his/her place of residence:

1) he/she was deprived of his/her Hungarian citizenship by virtue of Act X of 1947 and Act XXVI of 1948, of Act LX of 1948 on Hungarian Citizenship or of Act V of 1957 on Citizenship;

2) if his/her Hungarian citizenship ceased between 15 September 1947 and 2 May 1990 by expatriation;

3) he/she was a person obligatory resettled in Germany.

• Any person who was born to a Hungarian citizen mother and a foreign citizen father before 1 October 1957 and did not become Hungarian citizen by birth by virtue of the legal rules in effect at the time, may acquire Hungarian citizenship regardless of his/her place of residence.

• Any stateless person may acquire Hungarian citizenship by declaration if he/she was born in Hungary to foreign citizen parents living in Hungary, and he/she has not acquired the foreign citizenship of his parents by birth, provided that at his/her date of birth the parents had a residence in Hungary. The declaration may be submitted by the applicant before reaching the age of 19, provided that he/she has been residing in Hungary for at least five consecutive years prior to the submission of the declaration.

If the above conditions are not met and the applicant is stateless, he/she may acquire Hungarian citizenship in a preferential naturalisation procedure.


Which documents shall be attached to the application?

• birth certificate,

• proof of marital status;

• in case of expatriated persons, the original certificate of expatriation, if possible;

• stateless person shall attach the document in proof or presumptive proof of statelessness;

• in case of persons born to a Hungarian citizen mother and a foreign citizen father before 1 October 1957, the parents' marriage certificate and the mother's birth certificate.