Verification of Hungarian citizenship with certificate


• the existence of Hungarian citizenship,

• the termination (withdrawal) of Hungarian citizenship,

• or the fact that the person indicated in the certificate is not a Hungarian citizen.

Citizenship certificate containing further information is also available on request, e.g., if any foreign authority asks to confirm when and how the applicant acquired the Hungarian citizenship, or whether the applicant was a Hungarian citizen at a specific date or time period.

The certificate may be used for:

• employment or studies abroad, if requested by a foreign authority,

• processing probate cases,

• purchase of real estate in Hungary,

• in any proceedings before a Hungarian or foreign authority in which the citizenship status must be verified by a citizenship certificate.

The citizenship certificate is valid for three years from the date of issue. During this period of time it certifies the data contained therein. The expiration of the validity - of course - does not entail a change of citizenship status.


Who can request a citizenship certificate?

• Any person of legal age living in Hungary or abroad may request a citizenship certificate, regardless of his/her citizenship.

• On behalf of a person with limited legal capacity of with no legal capacity his/her legal representative shall proceed.

• An application for verifying the citizenship of another person may be submitted by an applicant who justifies his/her legitimate interest in this regard.

Attorneys and other authorised persons may not submit the application. However, they may submit the missing documents and receive the certificate if their power of attorney includes these action. The application for a citizenship certificate shall be submitted in person on the designated application form.

On receipt of the application, the applicant's identity shall be verified and his/her signature shall be authenticated. Subsequently, the application and its attachments shall be forwarded to the competent Hungarian authority.