The list of calculated fees is valid from 01/01/2022. (Fees may change every 1st January according to relevant exchange rate.)

Fees are payable either by card or with money order addressed to the Embassy of Hungary. Money orders may be obtained in Australian Post offices.

Applications can be forwarded to competent Hungarian authorities if fees are already paid. Consular fees must be paid in advance even if applications are not accepted or cancelled (e. g. Hungarian citizenship cannot be verified) by the competent Hungarian authorities, or withdrawn subsequently by the applicant.

An extratrasferta applies to each case lodged during consular days, see the current fee table for the amount.

Verification of citizenship, simplified naturalization, declaration of leaving Hungary, additionally independent or compulsory registration cases (birth, marriage, divorce, death) are free of charge. Legalisations of copies and translations made by the Embassy are free of charge in registration (birth, marriage, divorce and death) matters, except legalisation of translation when applying for simplified naturalization. Please note trasferta applies to free registration and legalization matters as well.