All Hungarian citizens must have their marriages officiated abroad registered in Hungary. Marriages are usually registered in Hungary at the registrar’s office, however it is also possible to file an application through the Consulate. 

If a change of name occured, an application for a passport in your new name can also be submitted (see note on Hungarian Passport application) but a separate appointment must be booked for the passport application as well.

Please note that the whole registration procedure takes on average 4 - 6 months but the Consulate cannot guarantee the length of the procedure. There is no possibility to expedite the process. Thus, we do not recommend booking any tickets on your married name until you receive the documents.

Who can apply for the procedure

The condition for submitting the application is that one of the parties (spouse) can prove his/her Hungarian citizenship both at the time of the marriage and the submission of the application. (If it cannot be proven, a Hungarian citizenship verification process is required of the applicant(s) first.)

How to apply

The application can only be submitted in person with both parties (spouse) present.

At the same day, an application for a passport can also be submitted.

Documents to be submitted

  • The original marriage certificate Please note that only the marriage certificate issued by Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages can be accepted! If the marriage was concluded in a country other than Australia, you might need to get an Apostille or diplomatic legalisation from the country of marriage.
  • The applicants must present their identity documents (passport, driver license, photo card) and prove their nationality.
    If the current document proving the applicant’s citizenship was issued after the marriage, please also provide the previous passport/ID card or its copy.
  • Hungarian birth certificate and Hungarian address card of the Hungarian citizen spouse (we also appreciate if the non-Hungarian spouse brings a copy of his/her birth certificate as well)
  • If the Hungarian bride's or the groom's family status at the time of the marriage was divorced or widow, you have to submit the Hungarian-issued or foreign marriage certificate, and/or the death certificate of the deceased spouse or a court decree (with Hungarian translation).
  • If the divorce from the previous marriage of a Hungarian citizen has not yet been registered, it has to be done simultaneously (but in this case please book your appointment accordingly!).

Translation of the documents

There is no need for translation: 

  • if the marriage certificate is issued in English, German or French language;
  • OR, if the marriage certificate is issued by other countries in two or more languages if one of them is English, German, or French.

 If the marriage certificate is issued in a different language, a legal translation should be presented:

  • the translation could be prepared by the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd (OFFI) – in this case, it does not need to be further legalized;
  • OR, NAATI translator. In this case, the responsible Hungarian Consulate should legalize the translation.

Please note that court decrees (if relevant in your case) are to be submitted with Hungarian translation (even if they were issued in English, German or French).

Consular fee

The registration of marriage is free of charge. However, there might be an extra consular authentication fee in addition for any translations.

If you have any questions, please contact our consulates!


8. Registration of marriage

8.1 Registration in the Hungarian database (marriage)