• Making an appointment is necessary for submitting any applications. In case of non-attendance please cancel your date and time in time, especially for external consular days.
  • As a general rule, most cases must be submitted in person, however some applications can be sent by post. Please bring your application forms unsigned. Forms have to be witnessed by either Hungarian consular officials or honorary consuls. Please be advised that some services (ie. simplified naturalization, voluntary paternal acknowledgement, visa applications, passport applications over 12 years) cannot be arranged by honorary consuls due to lack of authorization.
  • ’Request for consular services’ form should be completed and enclosed for each application.
  • Forms must be filled in completely in advance. There is no English translation available for Hungarian application forms.
  • We kindly ask you to use blue pen when completing and signing forms. The Consular Section takes no responsibility for any spelling errors, thus we advise to fill in the forms neatly and carefully. Unreadable forms remain undone.
  • Fees can be paid both by card and money orders.
  • Attestations of JPs (Justice of the Peace) are not acceptable. Attestations of Australian notary publics are accepted with Hungarian consular certifications.
  • B4 or B5 size prepaid self-addressed return registered envelopes are needed for each application. Envelopes would be used when forwarding documents (ie. passports, name change documents, certificates, address cards, certifications of good character etc.) issued in Hungary to our Australian clients. Collection of documents is possible in person.
  • In case of changing your contact details (phone numbers, postal address) please let us know them in time via email for avoiding any inconveniences and delay. We take no responsibility for issues deriving from irrelevant and unreported contact details.
  • We do ask you to send us back proof of receipts online or via Australian Post when receiving documents from the Consular Section at the end of procedures.
  • We are not able to provide regular updates on status of applications being dealt with by Hungarian authorities. In case of querries please contact directly the Hungarian authorities responsible for managing your case. Shall you be required to lodge additional documents or paperworks, we will get in contact with you via email or phone.
  • There is no fast-track procedure at the Consulate. We cannot expedite your cases. The expected lenght of the proceedings can be found on the website but this is for information only.
  • Hungary recognizes dual and multiple citizenship. There is no compulsory military service for Hungarian citizens.
  • Should you need to obtain official translations when submitting applications through the Hungarian Embassy, we kindly recommend you to get in contact with NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) translators.


Thank you very much for your kind understandings and co-operation.