All Hungarian citizens whose marriage was dissolved by a foreign court has to have the divorce registered in Hungary.

Who can apply for the procedure

The condition for submitting the application is that one of the parties (spouse) can prove his/her Hungarian citizenship both at the time of the divorce and the submission of the application. (If it cannot be proven, a Hungarian citizenship verification process is required of the applicant(s) first.)

How to apply

The application may only be submitted in person.

If you wish to change your name as well (e.g. you want to use your maiden name again), please book accordingly, since in this case an extra appointment is needed for the change of name and for the passport application as well.

Documents to be submitted

  • The original Hungarian-issued marriage certificate.
    If the marriage was solemnised and terminated abroad and the marriage had not been registered in Hungary yet, the two applications (registration of marriage and divorce) should be submitted together.
  • The applicants must present their identity documents (passport, driver license, photo card) and prove their nationality.
  • Original final court order (decree absolute) on the divorce with a Hungarian translation. A NAATI translator should do the translation. In this case, there is an extra authentication fee in addition. If you were divorced in a country other than the Australia, please comtact us to see if you will need to obtain an Apostille or diplomatic legalization or have the divorce decree translated to Hungarian by an official translator.

Consular fee

The registration of divorce itself is free of charge. However, there is a consular fee to be paid for the authentication of any copies and translations. Please also note that if you wish to change your name as well, there is also a consular fee to be paid.

If you have any questions, please contact our consulates.


10. Registration of divorce