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The following are the proofs of Hungarian citizenship:

  • A valid Hungarian ID card.
  • A valid Hungarian passport.
    If your Hungarian passport has expired, you may still use it as proof of Hungarian citizenship for one year following the date of its expiry.
  • A valid Hungarian citizenship certificate.
  • A certificate of naturalization, until proven otherwise.
  • The registry of personal data and addresses with active record.

Please note that Hungarian birth and marriage certificates are not proof of Hungarian citizenship.



If you do not have at least one of the above-mentioned documents, you need to submit a verification of Hungarian citizenship application. Please note that you do not have to have to apply for the verification of the citizenship of your child under the age of 6, simply initiate the registration of the birth at the consulate.

As a general rule, Hungarian citizenship is based on the principle of descent (jus sanguinis – ’right of blood’ in Latin). That is, if one of your parents or grandparents is a Hungarian citizen, or was at your birth, you probably are as well. This can be justified by the procedure of ’verification of citizenship’. By confirming/verifying your citizenship, you can be a Hungarian citizen even if you do not speak Hungarian.

Please contact our consulates to determine if this is the right procedure for you.

How to apply

The application can only be submitted in person with prior appointment.

Documents to be submitted

  • The original birth certificate. We only accept a full birth certificate, showing data for parents as well!
  • If applicable: original marriage certificate. Please note that only the marriage certificate issued by Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages can be accepted! If the marriage was concluded in a country other than Australia, you might need to get an Apostille or diplomatic legalisation from the country of marriage.
  • If applicable: original divorce decree absolute of the applicant with Hungarian translation.
  • Marriage certificate of the applicant's parents (it is necessary to trace the entire chain back to the last ancestor born in Hungary). Please note that only the marriage certificate issued by Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages can be accepted!
  • Hungarian birth and marriage certificate of the applicant's ancestors of Hungarian origin.
  • If there has been a name change in the family, a record of it (with Hungarian translation) must be presented.
  • If you or your ancestors left Hungary before 1956, it is recommended to attach other documents proving the Hungarian citizenship (for example: old Hungarian passport, identity card, residence certificate or contemporary citizenship document, document issued by a contemporary Hungarian authority, school certificate, workbook, military book, address form, name change document, etc.),
  • Valid photo ID of the applicant and – if applicable - his/her spouse (valid passport, Driver license, Photo card) and proof the applicant nationality.
  • If you have minor children (under 18 years of age): their birth certificate and valid ID documents (if they have any).

Please note that some certificates require Apostille certification or diplomatic legalisation! If the certificates were not issued in Australia or Hungary, please contact our consulates.

Translation of the documents

Australian court orders, name change documents and hand-written certificates have to be submitted with Hungarian translation.

The translation could be prepared

However the printed Australia birth, marriage, death certificates DO NOT NEED TO BE translated! If you need to submit any other documents, please contact our consulates to determine if there are need to be translated.

Consular fee

Consular fees are listed under the Consular Fees section. Please note that we are a cashless office, card payment only!

Duration of procedure

The Government Office of the Capital City Budapest (Budapest Főváros Kormányhivatala) is responsible for the verification of citizenship and the vital statistics registration.

The nationality procedure takes an average of 8-12 months. The consulate is unable to speed up the proceedings.

If you have any questions, please contact our consular offices!


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