The applicant may submit a simplified application for naturalization if

  • his/her ancestor was a Hungarian citizen or is likely to be of Hungarian origin;


  • has been married to a Hungarian citizen for at least ten years, or has been married to a Hungarian citizen for five years and they have children;

AND the applicant

  • certifies his / her knowledge of Hungarian language (this is checked by the authority receiving the application);
  • has a clean criminal record and is not being indicted in any criminal proceedings before Hungarian court; and
  • his/her naturalisation cannot be considered to be a threat to public order or to the national security of Hungary.

Regarding the fact that one of the requirements is a sufficient knowledge of the Hungarian language, all the official communications are available only in Hungarian language (including the requested forms). You can find more information about the procedure on this website of the Government Office of the Capital City Budapest (BFKH).

Dual citizenship is permitted under Hungarian Law. Thus, you are not required to renounce your previous nationality to become a citizen of Hungary. However, since some countries do not allow their citizens to be citizens of other countries, we suggest to inquire about your country of origin’s regulations on dual/multiple citizenship as well.

If you have any questions or would like to submit a simplified application for naturalization, please contact the consular offices.


3. Simplified naturalization form

4. Registration of birth (simplified naturalization)

5. Registration of marriage (simplified naturalization)