The birth of all Hungarian citizens must be registered in Hungary. Births are usually registered in Hungary at the registrar’s office, however it is also possible to file an application through the Consulate. At the same time, an application for a passport can also be submitted (see note on Hungarian Passport application).

Please note that the whole registration procedure takes on average 4-6 months but the Consulate cannot guarantee the length of the procedure. There is no possibility to expedite the process. Thus, we do not recommend to book any tickets or plan a trip abroad until you receive the documents.

Who can apply for the procedure

The condition for submitting the application is that one of the parents can prove his or her Hungarian citizenship at the time of the child's birth and at the time of submitting the application itself. (If it cannot be proven, a Hungarian citizenship verification process is required of the applicant(s) first.)

In order to initiate the procedure, it is necessary that the parents' marriage is already registered in Hungary. If this is not the case, the marriage must be registered at the same time (Registration of a Marriage Conducted Abroad) as when the birth is registered,

If the parents were not married at the time of the child's birth, the father must as well acknowledge paternity.

How to apply

The application may only be submitted in person with both parents present.

Documents to be submitted

  • The original birth certificate. We only accept a full birth certificate, showing data of parents as well! If the child’s birth certificate was not issued in Australia, please contact us!
  • The Hungarian-issued marriage certificate of the parents OR statutory declaration of acknowledgement of paternity (see above).
  • The parents must present their identity documents (passport, driver license, photo card) and prove their nationality.
    If the current document proving the parent’s Hungarian citizenship was issued after the birth of the child, please also provide the previous passport/ID card or its copy.
  • Hungarian address card (not necessarily with the Hungarian address) of the parent of Hungarian citizenship;
  • if available: the child's foreign passport
  • if applying for a passport as well: a passport photo of the child.

Translation of the birth certificate

There is no need for translation:

  • if the birth certificate is issued in English, German or French language;
  • OR, if the birth certificate is issued by other countries in two or more languages if one of them is English, German, or French.

If the birth certificate is issued in a different language, a legal translation should be presented:

Consular fee

The registration of birth is free of charge. However, there might be an extra consular authentication fee in addition for any translations.

If you have any questions, please contact our consulates!


7. Registration of birth

7.1 Registration in the Hungarian database

11. Acknowledgement of paternity