Signatures and copies can be legalised by Notaries Public, as well. 

The seal and the signature of the Notary Public concerned must be legalised by the Conulate, as well (ie. diplomatic legalisation) for additional fee.

If you wish to ask for the assistance of a Notary Public please note that the Consulate can accept legalisations only from those Notaries Public whose sample of seal and signature are in possession of the Consulate. You can find the list of Notaries Public on the website.

For diplomatic legalisation you should send the following documents to the Consulate:
the document(s) on which the seal and the signature of the Notary Public should be legalised;
copy of your passport, ID card or driving licence;
Consular fee –(Postal Order payable to the ‘Embassy of Hungary’);

List of Notary Public